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Trying to buy a home in today’s market can be extremely frustrating and challenging for most potential homeowners. Our Rent To Own program allows you to begin to build equity in real estate that you may of thought was not possible and is designed to help you receive all the same benefits as if you already owned the home and had your own mortgage while you are resolving all the issues to satisfy the bank’s requirements.

Through our Rent to Own purchase program, it is possible for you to get into the real estate market today with $0 down or a minimal down payment so you can stop wasting your hard earned money paying rent. On average, we will carry the financing for you for 2 years and the term can also be extended and is determined on a case by case basis. Through our Rent To Own program, you have access to our specialized team of Mortgage Broker’s and Financial Advisor’s who can help you take the necessary steps to obtain your own mortgage.

Meet Kristen White | Our Real Estate Consultant for GVCPS Inc.


We help people who can not qualify for their own mortgage today due to the bank not being satisfied with; your down payment amount, your credit score, your employment history or for whatever reason the bank will not qualify you for your own mortgage at this time.

We can quickly help people who; have fair or not so fair credit, people who do not have a large enough down payment, people who have not yet established any credit, people who are self employed or have difficulties proving their income, single incomes, prior bankruptcies, consumer proposals and people who are new to the country. None of the above situations should stop you from being a home owner. Our Rent To Own program eliminates all of these problems and gets you into the real estate market today. More questions? Please visit our FAQ section.




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