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Trying to buy a home in today’s challenging real estate market can be extremely difficult for most potential homeowners and first time Buyer’s. We help people who can not qualify for their own mortgage at this time as well as people who would like to take advantage of our flexible purchasing terms and low monthly payment options.

Our Rent To Own program:

1. Allows you to begin to build equity in real estate that you may of thought was not possible.

2. Is designed to help you receive all the same benefits as if you already owned the home and obtained your own mortgage while you are resolving all of the issues to satisfy the bank’s requirements to secure your own mortgage.

3. Provides you with increased buying power and maximum leverage. It is possible for you to get into the real estate market today with a minimal down payment and in some cases, with zero down payment.

4. On average, we will carry the financing for you for 2 years, however, the term can also be extended and is determined on a case by case basis.

5. Through our Rent To Own program, you have access to our specialized team of Mortgage Broker’s and Financial Advisor’s who can help you take the necessary steps to becoming a homeowner.

Meet Kristen White, Our Real Estate Consultant For GVC Property Solutions Inc.

Thank you for visiting us. We have a genuine interest in real estate and we see it as a unique opportunity to provide you with an alternative to the traditional way of buying a home.

You can begin to build equity in real estate that you may of thought was not possible without being charged fees or commissions. Read more…


We can quickly help people who; have fair, not so fair or excellent credit, people who have not yet established any credit, people who do not have a large enough down payment, people who are self employed or have difficulties proving their income, people with single incomes, people with prior bankruptcies, people who have consumer proposals and people who are new to the country.

None of the above situations should stop you from becoming a home owner. Our Rent To Own program eliminates all of these problems and gets you into the real estate market today. We do not charge any fees or real estate commissions, saving you thousands of dollars.

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